NESP TWQ Synthesis

December 2021



NESP TWQ Project 5.8 What’s really damaging the Reef? Tracing the origin and fate of the environmentally detrimental sediment and associated bioavailable nutrients

April 2021


NESP TWQ Project 4.3 Orpheus Island Reef Restoration and Leadership Workshop 2020

November 2020


NESP TWQ Project 4.3 Coral Gardeners of Manta Ray Bay

August 2020


NESP TWQ Project 4.3 NESP TWQ empowers Great Barrier Reef Traditional Owners to attend restoration workshop

January 2020


NESP TWQ Project 4.3 Reef Restoration and Leadership Workshop, Orpheus Island Nov 2019

January 2020


NESP TWQ Project 3.1.7 Rehabilitating alluvial gullies for improved Great Barrier Reef water quality

October 2019


NESP TWQ Project 3.1.2 Improving the efficiency of automated sugarcane irrigation in the Burdekin

August 2019


NESP TWQ Project 2.1.4 Water Quality and the Great Barrier Reef

August 2019


NESP TWQ Project 4.10 Finding the value of constructed wetlands in Great Barrier Reef catchments

August 2019


NESP TWQ Project 4.12 Creative Collective Solutions (CCS)

May 2019


NESP TWQ Project 2.1.9 Dredging

December 2018


Project 25: CANEGROWERS Environment Board tour

March 2018


NESP TWQ Project 3.2.4 Aesthetics Workshop

March 2018


NESP TWQ Project 3.1.2 James Cook University grower tour

March 2018


NESP TWQ Project 2.3.3 Water is Our Life

January 2018


New technology designed to monitor marine stingers along our coastline, has been deployed

24 October 2016

‘Stinger cams’ are now operational at Yorkey’s Knob, as part of a wider initiative to monitor Irukandji jellyfish across the Northern Beaches.


Stinger cams

21 October 2016

Stinger cameras are being installed on Far Northern beaches to protect swimmers this jellyfish season.


Cutting cane in the Beautiful Burdekin

10 September 2016


A short video produced by Farmacist (project partner) about Project 2.1.8: Improved Water Quality Outcomes from On-Farm Nitrogen Management led by Prof Mike Bell.


Project 25: Scientists and Farmers working together for the future of Great Barrier Reef Water Qual (Project 2.1.7)

14 July 2016


Monitoring and improving water quality in the runoff of sugar cane catchments in Far North Queensland is critical to protecting the health of the Great Barrier Reef.


The Green Army

02 August 2015


Hear from Paul about his experience in the Green Army.

The Green Army is a six-month programme for 17-24 year olds to train and work in the environment.