Project 2.1.1 
Integrated Pest Management of Crown-of-Thorns Starfish
Dr David Westcott, CSIRO

Project 2.1.2 
Scoping options for low-lying, marginal cane land to reduce DIN in priority wet tropics catchments
Dr Nathan Waltham, JCU

Project 2.1.3 
Harnessing the science of social marketing and behaviour change for improved water quality in the GBR: an action research project
Prof Lynne Eagle, JCU

Project 2.1.4
Demonstration and evaluation of gully remediation on downstream water quality and agricultural production in GBR rangelands
Dr Rebecca Bartley, CSIRO

Project 2.1.5
What’s really damaging the Reef? Tracing the origin and fate of the environmentally detrimental sediment
Dr Stephen Lewis, JCU

Project 2.1.6 
From exposure to risk: novel experimental approaches to analyse cumulative impacts and determine thresholds in the GBRWHA
Dr Sven Uthicke, AIMS

Project 2.1.7
Engaging with farmers and demonstrating water quality outcomes to create confidence in on-farm decision-making (also known as Project 25)
Dr Aaron Davis, JCU

Project 2.1.8 
Improved water quality outcomes from on-farm nitrogen management
Prof Mike Bell, UQ

Project 2.1.9
Risk assessing dredging activities
Dr Ross Jones, AIMS

Project 2.1.10
The application and adaption of mine site rehabilitation approaches to alluvial gully rehabilitation in the Bowen Catchment
Dr Andrew Brooks, GU

Project 2.2.1 
Identifying the water quality and ecosystem health threats to the high diversity Torres Strait and far northern GBR from runoff from the Fly River
Jane Waterhouse, JCU

Project 2.2.2 
Impacts of mine derived pollution on Torres Strait environments and communities
Dr Simon Apte, CSIRO

Project 2.2.3 
Early warning systems to minimize the risk of box jellyfish stings by empowering stakeholders
Dr Scott Condie, CSIRO

Project 2.3.1 
Benthic light as ecologically validated GBR wide indicator for water quality: drivers, thresholds and cumulative risks
Dr Katharina Fabricius, AIMS

Project 2.3.2 
‘Human sensors’ for monitoring GBR environmental changes and quality of marine waters through harnessing Big Data analysis
Prof Susanne Becken, GU

Project 2.3.3 
Building Indigenous livelihood and comanagement opportunities in the northern GBR-ecosystem services and conservation governance for water quality
Dr Marcus Barber, CSIRO

Project 2.3.4 
Working with Traditional Owners and local citizens to better manage GBR estuarine wetlands
Dr Norman Duke, JCU

Project 2.3.5 
eAtlas – Data management for environmental research
Dr Eric Lawrey, AIMS