Wet tropics
1) Mungalla/Palm Creek/Mandam wetland extension to coast wetlands (Ingham) – Mungalla Aboriginal Business Corporation and Greening Australia Reef Aid priority site;
2) Babinda Swamp Constructed Wetland – Jaragun Natural Resources Management

Dry tropics
1) Burdekin floodplain delta – Lilliesmere and Kalimina creek and bifurcation channels – NQDT priority repair site (including irrigation flow management with Lower Burdekin Water)
2) West Haughton floodplain – Horeshoe lagoon, and Healy’s floodplain – Greening Australia Reef Aid priority project site

Southern GBR catchments
1) Roundhill wetland repair project – DAF declared Fish Habitat Area pig exclusion fencing and connectivity – Burnett Mary Regional Group/Queensland Parks and Wildlife.

Markers are not an exact position of where the research is taking place, they are only to be used as a guide to the general area in which it is being carried out.

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