Research findings will be applicable to frameworks for trading in nitrogen and sediment credits across all Reef catchments. Frameworks will be developed initially for trading nitrogen credits in the Wet Tropics, and subsequently for trading sediment credits in the Burdekin. Interviews will be conducted with key potential credit buyers identified from public register information on licensed environmentally-relevant activities in specific catchments from the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. Choice experiments will be conducted to establish the minimum compensation which landowners will require to supply particular forms of nitrogen and sediment credits under particular configurations of credit trading. These choice experiments will be undertaken around supplying nitrogen credits in the Wet Tropics, and around supplying sediment credits in the Burdekin. Choice experiments will be implemented with on-ground assistance and expertise from Terrain NRM and North Queensland Dry Tropics NRM.
Markers are not an exact position of where the research is taking place, they are only to be used as a guide to the general area in which it is being carried out.

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