10th July 2019

Release by RRRC

New paper shows nutrients play vital roles in coral bleaching

Controlling nutrient availability could be critical to increasing corals’ ability to resist and recover from bleaching, according to a new study produced as part of Project 3.3.1 under the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program Tropical Water Quality Hub. Read more

1st July 2019

Release by RRRC

Indigenous rangers trained in managing mangroves on their country

Healthy mangrove forests play a vital role to maintaining the quality of water flowing out to the Great Barrier Reef, and Traditional Owners have a strong interest in helping monitor and manage their land and sea country. Read more

17th June 2019

Release by RRRC

RRRC partners with local tour company to show reef recovery to decision-makers

Decision-makers involved in the Australian government’s National Environmental Science Program (NESP) saw the recovery of corals on the Great Barrier Reef first-hand last week courtesy of a local tourism operator. Read more

7th March 2019

Release by RRRC

Stings from venomous box jellyfish common in tropical waters are highly painful and can be fatal

The ability to predict when higher concentrations of jellyfish – known as ‘smacks’ – appear is an attractive prospect to scientists, surf lifesavers and tourism operators alike. Read more

6th November 2018

Release by RRRC

Nitrogen forum brings water quality scientists and cane farmers together

In a step forward for Great Barrier Reef water quality, scientists and Far North Queensland cane growers will come together to discuss the latest innovations in nitrogen-based fertilizer management to protect both Great Barrier Reef and the sustainability of the sugar cane industry. Read more

31st August 2018

Release by JCU

Pigs shut out of critical Queensland wetlands

James Cook University researchers are assessing how much conservation value can be gained from a simple fence. Read more

26th March 2018

Release by RRRC

Water quality researchers track flood plumes from rain events

High water levels in northern Queensland’s Wet Tropics region are subsiding after high rainfall in mid-March but the flood event may still have major impacts on the Great Barrier Reef. Read more

22nd January 2018

Release by RRRC

DNA detection helps defend Great Barrier Reef from coral-eating starfish

Exciting genetic detection technology under development by the National Environmental Science Program (NESP)’s Tropical Water Quality Hub is one of several ways in which NESP is using novel scientific techniques and developing new strategies for controlling outbreaks of Crown of Thorns Starfish. Read more

6th February 2017

Release by RRRC

Keeping an eye on Big Wet runoff

Every year, major rainfalls in Far North Queensland turn the Barron River and other major watercourses a bright shade of ochre as they pick up mud and silt on their way to the ocean – but this year, scientists and farmers are keeping a closer eye on the sediment-filled waters and their effects on the Great Barrier Reef. Read more

26th September 2016

Release by RRRC

New fertilizers to protect reef and farm profitability

Scientists in Far North Queensland are trialling new fertilizers that could reduce levels of run-off containing high levels of dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN), a major health threat to the Great Barrier Reef that has been linked to coral bleaching and Crown of Thorns Starfish outbreaks. Read more

23rd May 2016

Release by RRRC

Harnessing the market to reduce coastal run-off

An experiment under the NESP Tropical Water Quality Hub has indicated that a nitrogen trading scheme could be effective in reducing agricultural runoff impacts on the Great Barrier Reef. Read more

24th April 2016

Release by RRRC

Diverse steering committee helps TWQ Hub

The Tropical Water Quality Hub’s diverse steering committee gives it a unique advantage.

The quality of Australia’s tropical marine environments is critical to the health of natural icons like the Great Barrier Reef and by extension the wide range of industries that depend on it. Read more

4th March 2016

Release by RRRC

Research on Early Warning System for Irukandji

Scientists and managers will be better equipped to understand and predict swarms of potentially deadly ‘irukandji’ jellyfish in Far North Queensland waters thanks to government supported research. Read more

3rd March 2016

Release by The Hon. Greg Hunt MP

Government provides $4.8m to tackle gully erosion in Great Barrier Reef catchments

The Australian Government is providing $4.86m for five organisations to work with landholders to address the vast issue of gully erosion in the Great Barrier Reef catchments.

These gullies are located in some of the highest risk areas of sediment erosion for the Great Barrier Reef. Read more

29th February 2016

Release by RRRC

Tropical Water Quality Hub to help keep Reef clear of plastic rubbish

A Far North Queensland based environmental research hub will lend a hand in reducing the amount of plastic rubbish choking the Great Barrier Reef.

Australians dump more than 14,000 tons of plastic waste into the ocean every year this
results in up to six pieces of plastic rubbish settling on every metre of Australian coastline. Read more

22nd September 2015

Joint release by The Hon. Greg Hunt MP and The Hon. Warren Entsch MP

Improving water quality in the Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s iconic and precious Great Barrier Reef and the surrounding tropical waters will benefit from 24 innovative research projects conducted by this Government’s Tropical Water Quality Hub.

This scientific investment being launched today supports practical policy and programmes to improve the Great Barrier Reef under the Government’s $140 million Reef Trust. Read more