From the Hub Leader, Professor Damien Burrows
Using the latest science in the fight against COTS
Helping Traditional Owners care for sea country
Guiding Sustainable port development on the GBR
TWQ develops crucial marker for measuring the health of the entire Great Barrier Reef
TWQ gully remediation research in high demand
Torres Strait Indigenous rangers trained in salinity monitoring under TWQ Hub project


Recent Publications

NESP TWQ Hub Research Plan Version 6

NESP TWQ Hub Annual Progress Report 5

Project 2.1.2 – Final Report
Scoping land conversion options for high DIN risk, low-lying sugarcane, to alternative use for water quality improvement in Wet Tropics catchments

Project 2.1.9 – Final Report
Risk Assessing Dredging Activities in Shallow-Water Mesophotic Reefs

Project 3.1.1 – Technical Report
An ecologically-based operational strategy for COTS Control. Integrated decision making from the site to the regional scale

Project 3.1.5 – Final Report
Ecotoxicology of pesticides on the Great Barrier Reef for guideline development and risk assessments

Project 4.1 – Technical Report
How Effective Are Management Responses In Controlling Crown-of-Thorns Starfish and their Impacts On The Great Barrier Reef?

Project 4.3 – Technical Report
Why do Great Barrier Reef tourism operators engage in coral restoration? An exploration of motivations, opportunities, and challenges

Project 4.7 – Final Report
Great Barrier Reef Tourism: Translating Policy Into Practice

Project 5.1 – Technical Report
Social and Economic Outcomes of the COTS Control Youth Training Program

Project 5.5 – Technical Report
Target Sentiment and Target Analysis

Project 5.6 – Final Report
Designing an Aesthetics Long-Term Monitoring Program (ALTMP) for the Great Barrier Reef