Damien Burrows

Welcome to the National Environmental Science Programme (NESP) Tropical Water Quality Hub’s August 2016 newsletter!

The NESP Tropical Water Quality Hub is focused upon commissioning solution-oriented research in tropical waters, focusing upon the Great Barrier Reef, Torres Strait, and their associated catchments. Four examples of this focus on outcome-oriented research are illustrated in this quarterly newsletter. All four projects have demonstrated real-world outcomes and changes in management policy or actions within 6-12 months.

The work of Professor Helene Marsh and her team in the Torres Strait has provided a more accurate estimate of dugong and green turtle abundance in the Torres Strait, finding that due to survey methods used, previous surveys under-estimated their abundance.

Project 25 is a leading example of scientists and farmers working together to gather the science upon which management decisions are based. Though still in its formative stages, this project and its approach has developed significant momentum and attention from government agencies and grower groups. Dr Andrew Brooks has shown the value in rehabilitating large alluvial gullies on grazing properties. In its first 6 months of operations, due to greater efficiency demonstrated through hub research, the Crowns-of-Thorns control project has already seen a 35% increase in the culling rate of starfish field control teams. Now that’s research delivering real world outcomes.


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