Project 3.1.1

Pratchett M.S., Cowan Z-L., Nadler L.E., Caballes C.F., Hoey A.S., Messmer V., et al. (2017) Body size and substrate type modulate movement by the western Pacific crown-of-thorns starfish, Acanthaster solaris. PLoS ONE 12(9): e0180805.
Project 3.2.4

Marshall, N., Marshall, P., Curnock, M., Pert, P., Smith, A., Visperas, B. (2018) Identifying indicators of aesthetics in the Great Barrier Reef for the purposes of management. PLoS ONE 14(2): e0210196.
Project 3.3.2

Waltham, N.J., Burrows, D., Wegscheidl, C., Buelow, C., Ronan, M., Connolly, N., Groves, P., Marie-Audas, D., Creighton, C., Sheaves, M. (2018) Lost Floodplain Wetland Environments and Efforts to Restore Connectivity, Habitat, and Water Quality Settings on the Great Barrier Reef. Frontiers in Marine Science doi:10.3389/fmars.2019.00071.