Project 3.1.1

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Project 3.1.5

Project 3.2.4

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Project 3.3.1

Morris, L.A., Voolstra, C.R., Quigley, K.M., Bourne, D.G., Bay, L.K. (2019) Nutrient Availability and Metabolism Affect the Stability of Coral-Symbiodiniaceae Symbioses. Trends in Microbiology
Project 3.3.2

Gooch, M., Curnock, M., Dale, A., Gibson, J., Hill, R., Marshal, N., Molloy, F., Vella, K. (2017) Assessment and Promotion of the Great Barrier Reef’s Human Dimensions Through Collaboration. Coastal Management Vol 45, 2017 Issue 6 pp 519-537.
Project 3.3.2

Waltham, N.J., Burrows, D., Wegscheidl, C., Buelow, C., Ronan, M., Connolly, N., Groves, P., Marie-Audas, D., Creighton, C., Sheaves, M. (2019) Lost Floodplain Wetland Environments and Efforts to Restore Connectivity, Habitat, and Water Quality Settings on the Great Barrier Reef. Frontiers in Marine Science doi:10.3389/fmars.2019.00071.
Project 3.3.2

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