Theme 1: Direct Interventions in the Marine Environment

Project 4.1
Crown-of-thorns starfish: surveillance and life history
Dr David Westcott, CSIRO

Project 4.2
Oceanographic drivers of bleaching in the GBR: from observations to prediction
Craig Steinberg, AIMS

Project 4.3
Best practice coral restoration for the Great Barrier Reef
Dr Ian McLeod, JCU

Project 4.4
The traits of corals that survived recent bleaching events
Dr Line Bay, AIMS

Theme 2: Informing Reef Management in a Post-Bleaching/Increased Cyclone Frequency World

Project 4.5
Guidance system for resilience-based management of the Great Barrier Reef
Prof Peter Mumby, UQ

Project 4.6
Recommendations for maintaining functioning of the Great Barrier Reef
Prof Peter Mumby, UQ

Project 4.7
Indigenous coral reef tourism
Assoc Prof Henrietta Marrie, CQU

Theme 3: Improving Water Quality Emanating from Catchments

Project 4.8
‘Project 25’ – farmers, water quality and on-farm decision-making
Dr Aaron Davis, JCU

Project 4.9
Gully characterisation framework to underpin GBR catchment water quality management
Assoc Prof Andrew Brooks, GU

Project 4.10
Evaluating the costs and benefits of agricultural land conversion to wetlands
Dr Nathan Waltham, JCU

Project 4.11
Sources, transformations and fate of dissolved organic carbon – implications for the GBR
Prof Michele Burford, GU

Project 4.12
Measuring cost-effectiveness and identifying key barriers and enablers of lasting behavioural change in the cane industry
Prof Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, GU

Project funded outside of the Research Plan schedule – jointly with Northern Hub

Project 4.13
Assessing the Gulf of Carpentaria mangrove dieback
Dr Norman Duke, JCU