Project 1.1 
Establishing the future NESP CoTS research framework including an ecologically-based approach to the management of CoTS at multiple scales

Project 1.2
Developing an approach to evaluate the effectiveness of investments in riparian management in the GBR catchments

Project 1.3
A validation of coral geochemical records to reconstruct suspended sediment loads to the Great Barrier Reef lagoon

Project 1.5
Legacy of the Lower Burdekin Water Quality Tender

Project 1.6
Multiple and cumulative impacts on the GBR: assessment of current status and development of improved approaches for management

Project 1.7
Reducing sediment sources to the Reef: testing the effectiveness of managing alluvial gully erosion

Project 1.8
Sub-catchment scale monitoring, modelling and extension design to support reef water quality improvement

Project 1.9
The establishment of a future NESP dredging research investment framework

Project 1.10
Identification, impacts, and prioritization of emerging contaminants present in the Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait marine environments

Project 2.1
Assessing the cumulative impacts of climatic disturbances on inshore GBR coral reefs, identifying key refuges and testing the viability of manipulative reef restoration

Project 2.2
A tradable permit scheme for cost effective reduction of nitrogen runoff in the sugarcane catchments of the Great Barrier Reef

Project 3.1
Seagrass mapping synthesis – A resource for marine park and coastal management

Project 3.2
Improving historical estimates of abundance and distribution of dugongs and large green turtles in western and central Torres Strait

Project 3.3
Light thresholds for seagrasses of the GBR: a synthesis and guiding document for managing seagrass

Project 3.4
Developing and refining biological indicators for seagrass condition assessments in an integrated monitoring program

Project 3.5
Assessment of key dugong and turtle seagrass resources in the northern Torres Strait

Project 3.6
Establishing a research framework for future NESP investment into better understanding of the presence of Box-Jellyfishes (Irukandji) and risks in the Great Barrier Reef

Project 3.7
Monitoring the effects of zoning on coral reefs and their associated fish communities in the GBR Marine Park

Project 3.8
Towards an integrated monitoring program: identifying indicators and existing monitoring programs to cost-effectively evaluate the Long Term Sustainability Plan

Project 3.9
Indigenous capacity building and increased participation in management of Queensland sea country

Project 3.10
Benchmarking costs of NRM improvements for the GBR

Project 3.11
Monitoring and adaptively reducing system-wide governance risks facing the GBR

Project 3.12
Development of an offset financial contribution calculator for Reef Trust

Project 3.13
eAtlas 2015 – NESP data management, Torres Strait NRM plan delivery platform and Torres Strait reef mapping