Abstract Submission

The Great Barrier Reef Restoration Symposium encourages the submission of high quality oral and poster presentations. Papers submitted for full length oral presentation may not be accepted as such due to the limited number of available time slots, but may be offered the option to present as a speed talks or poster presentations.

Each full oral presenter shall be allocated 15 minutes (10 minutes presentation and 5 minutes for questions). Speed oral presentations will be allocated 5 minutes (plus time for questions at the session end). Oral presentations should only use PowerPoint slides and a ratio of 16:9 is recommended.  

Technical talks will be allocated 15 minutes and video presentations should be 5 minutes or less. The requirements for these should be discussed with the organisers via email (tropwater@jcu.edu.au).

Sessions in the symposium program will be developed based on accepted abstracts and presentations.



All abstracts must be written in English.

Abstracts must be submitted by email, attached in DOCX format, to tropwater@jcu.edu.au




Successful abstract submissions will be acknowledged with an electronic receipt.

The preference for oral, speed, technical, video or poster presentation should be indicated by the applicant during the submission process, however the final decision on the presentation format will be made by the Technical Program Committee.

As they may not be edited by the organisers, authors are responsible for any spelling, grammatical or typographical errors contained in the submitted abstracts.

If you have any queries or problems with abstract submission, or need to make changes after submission, please contact us by email to tropwater@jcu.edu.au. Please quote your reference number if you already have one.

You may submit more than one abstract in total, but will not be accepted for more than one oral presentation. That is, your second presentation, if any, will have to be for a different format. You can of course, be a non-presenting co-author on many abstracts.


Abstract Acceptance

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Technical Program Committee.

You will receive an email to confirm that your abstract has been accepted and the format of that presentation. You will be provided an abstract reference number, which should be quoted in all correspondence. If you do not receive anything in reply, please send an email to tropwater@jcu.edu.au to make sure we have received your abstract.

Once the abstract is accepted, the presenting author must register for the conference by 10 June 2018.