Project 3.1.1

Project 3.1.2

Improving water quality for the Great Barrier Reef and wetlands by better managing irrigation in the sugarcane farming system

Project 3.1.3

Project 3.1.4

Optimizing the management of riparian zones to improve the health of the Great Barrier Reef

Project 3.1.5

Ecotoxicology of pesticides on the Great Barrier Reef for guideline development and risk assessments

Project 3.1.6

Exploring trading in water quality credits as a cost-effective approach for managing water quality in the Great Barrier Reef

Project 3.1.7

Project 3.1.8

Project 3.2.1

Project 3.2.2

The IMS 2050 Human Dimensions Project: Cost-effective indicators and metrics for key GBRWHA human dimensions

Project 3.2.3

Monitoring aesthetic value of the Great Barrier Reef by using artificial intelligence to score photos and videos

Project 3.2.4

Defining, assessing and monitoring Great Barrier Reef aesthetics

Project 3.2.5

Testing and implementation of the water quality metric for the 2017 and 2018 reef report cards

Project 3.3.1

Project 3.3.2

Project 3.3.3

Characterising the values and connectivity of the northeast Australia marine area – Great Barrier Reef, Torres Strait, Coral Sea and Great Sandy Marine Park